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This blog (or 日記 if you will) is intended to chronicle my experience in Japan at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki, Japan from July to August, 2012. I have always wanted to have a journal, though, so I will try to get into a habit of writing frequently about the things important to me in my life. Besides, I plan on returning to Yamasa to participate in the AIJP after I get out of the Navy! These are the Espelancer Chronicles. Erica is also blogging about the trip, and you should totally check it out. It is The Marvelous Misadventures of Schneewittchen link over on the sidebar.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The First Class Treatment

Sugarwater at 35,000 feet.
    Earlier this afternoon,  I officially embarked on my journey to Japan, and I am currently staying overnight in Dallas, TX with my grandparents.  The flight out here had a surprise to it, though.  Apparently, American Airlines thought that I got an overnight layover because of a scheduling conflict on their end, and as a valued member of their frequent flyer program, they sought to appease me by upgrading me to first class.  Of course, little did they know that I actually engineered my flight itinerary that way, but no looking a gift horse in the mouth -- Lucky me!  It was my first time flying first class, too, although I suppose if I wanted to travel in uniform (which will never happen) I would probably get to fly in style more often.  I could also suddenly come into vast amounts of wealth and be able to afford the absurd price of a first class ticket, but that is even less likely.

First Class food -- and it was free!
   First of all, I just want to let all of you folks that regularly fly first class, whether it is because you are ridiculously rich or your job pays for it for you, you guys have it good.  The seats are extremely comfortable, recline back really far, and there is enough leg room for me to completely stretch out.  It is nearly impossible to sleep in coach class, but I could sleep like a log up there.  Why waste the opportunity to enjoy all of the perks that come with first class, though?

   When you fly first, you get everything for free.  That meal over on the left would probably cost about $10 in coach class and would not taste nearly as good.  The stewardess told me to get as many drinks as I could, since they are all free, but since I do not partake I stuck with all I could drink orange juice.  Also, before we ate we were served hot towels with which ot wash our hands and face with.  It felt good to be pampered, it truly did.  I think I might fly American more often.
Erica and I
Leah (エリカのいもうと) and I

   Well, that is all for tonight, I have to wake up bright and early for my flight to Japan.  The next time you hear from me, Erica and I will be in Okazaki!