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Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Little Pony Personality

   So, today while I was waiting to go to the Norfolk Admirals AHL game at the Scope, I stumbled upon a personality test that I partook of.  I don't normally like these personality tests, but I just had to see which of the Mane 6 fits me best as I am a big fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The test itself isn't one of those personality tests where it would be easy to skew your results if you tried.  There are some obvious answers that will boost your likeness to certain characters, but some questions have so many possible choices that it is hard to say how they would effect your score, and there are plenty of questions.
Yup, I am Twilight, leaning strongly towards Fluttershy and... PINKIE PIE???
     Now, I expected to be most like Twilight because, well, I relate with Twilight in many ways.  I tend to focus greatly on the things that I need to get done or am determined to get done, stubborn enough that it would take quite a doozy to change my mind or position, and I am probably more booksmart than streetsmart.  I would say my overall result was pretty accurate, although I had no idea that I would lean so strongly towards Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

    I expected to have some strong resemblance towards Fluttershy -- maybe above average, but I didn't expect to have such a dominant Fluttershy persona.  I am, after all, not the most social pony around, and I am not so great when it comes to meeting new people.  I pretty much only talk to my family, people I know, and people I work with,  but I will talk to other people if I really need to.   I can get really excited when it comes to a topic that is important to me and go on talking about it for hours.  If I ever did meet a talking baby dragon, I indeed would spill my life story up until today.   I love Fluttershy to death, and she is my favorite of the mane 6 (if I ever met a woman who was like Fluttershy, I would probably fall in love with her right away), but I never would have expected that I would have resembled Fluttershy so much that I almost got Fluttershy as my final result. 

Invade Espelancer's personality... check!
    The most shocking result of the test, though, was the strong Pinkie influence within me that I did not think was possible.  I cannot think of a single thing about myself that is like Pinkie Pie at all.  I definitely do not like parties, or any occasion where a large number of people gather in social situations, especially if I don't know anypony there.  I do not break the laws of physics... and I certainly do not think Pinkie Pie is even scientifically possible (in a world of magic and talking ponies, anyways).  I do not know everypony in town and I don't really want to know everypony in town, I cannot bake worth a damn, and I am nowhere near as random and hilarious as Pinkie Pie is.  I am absolutely baffled, and I wonder which of my given answers were Pinkie answers.  While I think Pinkie Pie is an awesome characters with some of the best one-liners and funniest situations I have ever seen,  I would go so far to say that Pinkie Pie is the polar opposite of me in every way possible... I literally expected to be near center on the Pinkie Pie scale.

    The rest of the test was pretty much as I expected.  I think Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than everypony else, but I know I am certainly not 20% cooler anypony else.  I figured I'd have a little more Applejack in me, but that is OK.  I am definitely too lazy for the apple bucking life.  I didn't think I'd have so much Rarity, since I am not artistic at all, but it isn't too far off from where I expected to be.

    You can take this test at at Bronyland, and you should if you are a fan of the show.  I know if I wanted a pet, I would pick Scootaloo *hint, hint*.  (She is my absolute favorite pony if you couldn't infer that from my profile avatar.)

   By the way, the Admirals absolutely dominated tonight in the first game of the Calder Cup finals, winning 3 to 1 and outshooting the Marlies 42 to 24, and that is with what must have been at least 20 minutes worth of penalty time.   Three more wins and we win the whole thing!  Go Admirals!

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